This week, we have learnt creating website in Weebly. Firstly, we created an account with our e-mail addresses freely. Then, we chose a title and designed our website and started to edit. While editing, we have done so much things. We added items in our pages like texts, pictures, columns. Also, there are different categories for choosing. We could add video from other websites or prepare a presentation with many pictures. I think the site “Weebly” is an easy to use. We just drag the things to the page we want. I like it.




Many of us uses iPod or mp3 player, right? With the help of podcast, we could use these devices for listening.

Then, what exactly the podcast is? Mp3 + RSS = Podcast. To put it differently, podcast is a series of file on the web that allows the distribution of video or audio files. Thus; we could listen to whatever we want in everywhere. In addition, we could use podcasts in the education. To give an example; it helps students to learn a foreign language by listening a native speaker or music in English in the classroom.

I think it is amazing to listen to audio files whenever and wherever we want with hardly any effort. We just download the file and listen to it while working, resting etc.




The subject of this week is digital storytelling. There are many options for digital stories. Now, we will look at them. The first one is “storynory”. In my opinion, it isn’t effective because it just provides us audio stories. Another one is “learningenglishkids.britishcouncil”. I think this site is useful. The reason is that we could find kids games and many activities including grammar, listening / watching, reading / writing and speaking/spelling.

The other website for digital storytelling is “dfilm moviemaker”.  We just click the “make a movie” button then select a background & sky, plot and characters. After that, we type the characters’ lines; select a background music and movie title. That’s all. The last one is “story jumper”. It allows children the opportunity to create their own story book. How? We click “start creating” and choose scenes (background), photos, text, characters etc.  It’s ready. If you ask me, they are useful websites for bringing variety to the class. I liked them.



WizIQ is a website that enables us to learn and teach online. In this site, we could create tests and upload/ manage contents. On the “Search for a Course” button, we write the course name and join, but some of them aren’t free. We have to pay for them. Moreover; if we want to send messages, we use “Chat Box” and upload anything we want such as PDF, word files or video, and then share them with other users. By clicking the “Create Course” button, we can create course and share the things ,I mentioned above, with the attendees.  Also, we can speak or write something on the whiteboard. Thus, with the help of the course and all these things, attendees could easily interact with others and share their opinions.


Google Hangouts is a place for people to share their ideas or experiences. Firstly, we need to create a google account. After that, we could chat with video, connect with the world and upload everything we want. That’s simple and great. See you next week.



My name is Melike. I was born in April 5th, 1991, Ankara. I lived there nearly 16 years. Now, I’m living in Bolu with my cousin, but my family lives in İstanbul.

My education life was started in Ankara. Then, I went to Trabzon and studied Beşikdüzü IMKB Anatolian Teacher Training High School. After getting into university, I studied in Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University for three years. At the third class, I went to Poland with Erasmus Exchange Program. Now, at the forth class, I’m studying in Bolu Abant Izzet  Baysal University with Farabi Exchange Program.

As an activity, I like watching movies and tv series, surfing on the internet, shopping, spending money etc. I don’t like reading books and interacting with people.

Moving to the work experience, the first one was in Bolu Atatürk Anatolian High School. I was a trainee teacher in fall semester in 2013. Now, I’m a trainee teacher in Izzet Baysal Anatolian High School.

If you want to know much more things about me, watch the presentation above or visit http://prezi.com/4kr2bgwej1ey/melike-colak/


ImageThe subjects of this week are Nicenet, Dokeos, Edmodo and Prezi. I will start by Nicenet. It is a text-based site and has a simple interface. Even if we couldn’t photo, video etc., it is useful for writing lessons. To give an example; we add topics then students make comment, share link or add documents. Of course, for sending these things, we have to write them in a text. Also, in class roster tool, we could see students’ names, mail addresses, and easily reach them by sending messages. Students could join a new class with number.

Now, I will Move on to the Edmodo and Dokeos.  In the site Edmodo, there isn’t any limitation. We can load anything we want up to 100 MB each time. In the site, we could create a group easily. With the alert tool, we write important signals then students see it. In the assignment part, we choose a subject and write something about it. Moreover; in the quiz part, we easily create quiz such as multiple choice, true–false, fill-in-the-blanks, short answer, matching and we could choose time limit in order to prevent cheating. Additionally, we take a poll for finding out what students think. Lastly, we could create weekly folders (it could be beneficial to create it before the term). The only negative side is that all posts are rough and tumble. So, it is difficult to follow. Dokeos is not a good site. The reason was that the documents we use could be deleted in free usage. However, the functions of this site are much more than Edmodo such as chatting or sharing files.

Prezi is an online program to design presentation and registry is easy. We just choose the type of license and get an e-mail. That’s all. Even if it seems difficult to use, actually it is easy and amusing. In contrast to the Powerpoint, we could create presentation without slides. Moreover; with the feature of zooming in and out, presentation looks fantastic, not simple. In Prezi, we could add texts, pictures and frames in anywhere then we could put in order later. The negative side of Prezi is that we need to web connection for changing things in presentation. Except for it, I think it’s perfect for catching people’s attention.




The subject of this week is “HotPotatoes”.  It is an amazing program for creating tests. In this program, there are 5 different test options which are called JCloze, JMatch, JQuiz, JCross and JMix. Each of them saves the test that we prepare in a different file, colorful ones. It’s so nice. Besides, there is a tool “The Masher” that combines these five tests in one place. This one is so nice too. Now, let’s look at these tools in detail.

JCloze is a program that helps us to create gaps in a sentence or paragraph. Also, with the auto – gap option, we could select every five, ten etc. words (the number we choose is our preference). JMatch is another program that provides us matching sentences, words, phrases or pictures. There are three formats of it. These are “Standart Format”, “Drag/Drop Format” and “Flashcard Format”. By using these types, we could diversify the test we prepare. The third one is JQuiz. It also has important characteristics such as giving feedback or preparing different types of test. More clearly, JQuiz is a great option to prepare multiple – choice, short – answer and multi – select tests. Moving to the forth one, JCross is my favorite. With the help of this program, we could easily produce crossword puzzles. I have been using this option since last week’s lesson. Moving to the penultimate one, I can easily say that JMix is the easiest one among other types of tests. It lets us to mix the sentences’ order. Two formats are provided: “Standart Format” and “Drag/Drop Format”.  The last one is “The Masher” which provides us to put together all these tests. The only thing we need to do is click to the “add files” button and choosing the tests.

Lastly, I would like to mention options. “Create web page” and “Create zip package” is for sharing. We could export the files that we prepare on HotPotatoes here. If we want to change titles/instructions, buttons, appearance and other kinds of things, we follow this way: Options – Configure Output. That’s all I have to say.